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L'Uva e le Stelle

A peaceful corner between the sky and the earth where every detail has a name and is no coincidence.


The questions about the meaning of life often lead us to look to the sky for an answer, a light.

To turn your experience into a positive memory, get closer to the firmament show, because deep down, the sky narrates a story about us, our origins, life and destination.

There is no space that isn’t contained where chance is the only certainty, where the only frontier is time. But time doesn’t have a memory, everything needs movement to give life to time itself, to listen to it being continually renewed and at every toll it presents itself in a different way to be the same.

Come into the flavour, into pleasant places, write us an email about anything that you would like to know. You will then have clear and quick answers together with useful information.

You can also ask if there is a sample available in one of the products you are interested in within this section.

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