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Please make yourself comfortable in the flavour, passion, courtesy, and professionalism that is waiting for you, embracing the industry with the most poetical garment that you have ever seen.

In order to offer you the best service, you will find a list of a wide range of carefully selected labels catering for every taste for your information and interest that will be updated twice a month.

My company is based on the idea of whole-sale distribution but is also very sensitive to customer care and making sure that everything that is offered to you is of exceptional quality.

The real stimulus of my project lies in its ideas, your opinions, ancient books, initiatives, curiosity, philosophy, and in everything that seemed compatible which will give new life to lives, to the passion.

Mine is a business, a consultancy and a passion that embodies everything that wine and its numerous facets touch upon. This includes ideas elicited from people about marketing, promotion, assistance, consultancy and professionalism and is aimed at reciprocal interests.

I am pleased to be at your disposal for any enquiries about the organisation of a wine tasting, an inauguration, a private gathering, a public event linked to the world of wine, or the creation of a brand name with labels or a business that you wish to start.

There are no restrictions to the amount you wish to buy of any of the products available and you are under no obligation to repeat purchase.

I market whole sale for a vast range of labels for the following firms: Cardeto, Carini, Le Crete, Terre di Trinci, Todini, Loredan, Gasparini, La Fornace di Montallino, Moris etc.

To find out more, make sure you keep updated by carefully reading the news section.

Località Boccetta, 8 - 05010 Porano (TR) Italy - Tel. +39.0763.374781 - +39.333.71077775 info@grandivini.com