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L'uva e le stelle
About Me

Who I am…

My name is Massimo Ceccantoni, an extremely sensitive person with intense imagination and I hope to make my dreams come true not by doing what is easy but what is possible.

Where I am…

You will find me in Porano, a small village immersed in the green rolling countryside that looks over the rock of Orvieto. At ‘L’uva e le Stelle’ Agriturismo (‘The Grape and the Stars’ luxury tourist farmhouse accommodation), you will be able to appreciate my business and its produce whilst being warmly welcomed in a friendly atmosphere.

Grappolo di stelle
Di Massimo Ceccantoni
P.zza Vitozzi n 4
05018 Orvieto (Tr) Italy

Loc. Boccetta n.8
05010 Porano (Tr) Italy

Where I am going…

Mine is a journey that will take you to new horizons of drinking, doing and thinking where it is the route we take and not just the journey that counts.

I will try to guide you towards my ideas, my creativity in the attempt at re-organizing and giving a new dimension to the wine industry world wide.

It is almost Utopia but I would like to create a turning point in this sector which in my opinion is in difficulty and has to live and grow in its fascination, its dedication to the magical passion of this art that so harmoniously combines life in every moment, in every detail and every nuance.

Località Boccetta, 8 - 05010 Porano (TR) Italy - Tel. +39.0763.374781 - +39.333.71077775 info@grandivini.com