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The book is a reflection of the nature and frontiers inside the glass that seek refuge in the black nectar.

Its freedom and its essence, now in us sip after sip.

The book reflects ideas, the weakness of the memory that fleets away. The book leaves an imprint of the words that make the unrecognisable language literate.

It is the art of listening to ourselves, of narrating with our senses, photographing with words that are unsure about taking shape.

How rewarding it is to transfer a complete expression of ourselves onto paper, to fix it in time and memory amongst the whirlwind of events.

It will be a combination of two different but extremely compatible ambiances about passion, bits of history and dedication but above all about patience.

The secret of life span paradoxically lies in patience, and therefore in meditation, reading, and thought confrontation.

The meeting takes place in the most familiar and fascinating setting in order to welcome these two protagonists in the greatest expression of art which is life.

The parallel collection of wines with ancient books is an exclusive combination. In addition to this binomial offer we emphasize that not only will you be in possession of old texts, but you will be able to put aside capital and a safe investment which offers you a higher capital revaluation than interest earned in a bank with the advantage of physically investing your money with great and assured satisfaction.

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